Trekking Peru Bolivia Chile 30 days

Trekking Peru Bolivia Chile 30 days
Cordillera Blanca trekking, Colca Canyon trekking, Ausangate trekking and Machu Picchu Mountain trekking. Discover the diversity of South America through these countries. We will travel to the most impressive attractions such as Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas and the beauty of Lake Titicaca. In Bolivia we will visit the world's largest salt flat Uyuni, San Pedro; the Atacama Desert in Chile.


Day 1: City of Origin - Lima
International flight to Lima. Arrival at the airport and reception. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2: City tour in Lima and night bus to Huaraz.

Today we will visit the park of love in Miraflores, the Park of the olive trees, Huaca Pucllana and the historical center of Lima, Plaza de Armas, with its church of San Francisco and its Cathedral.

Meals included: breakfast

Day 3: Transfer - Huaraz (3090m) - Caraz - Cashapampa (2900m) - Llamacorral (3760m).
Pick up from the Hotel and transfer in private transport from Huaraz to the city of Yungay - Caraz, from this place we will be diverting to the east side of the Cordillera Blanca to the town of Cashapampa where we expect the muleteer who will drive the donkeys who will be responsible for moving the personal and camping equipment, then we will be starting the trek to Llamacorral (3760). Camp.

(Elevation gain: + 860 m; duration: 4 - 5 hours).

Day 4: Llamacorral (3760m) - Cb Alpamayo (4600m) - Taullipampa (4250m).
Leaving Llamacorral camp. We will pass by the lagoons Ichiccocha, Jatuncocha going up by a zigzagging road we will be arriving to the Quebrada de Ayhuaycocha and we will go to the Cb of the Nevado Alpamayo in this point we will observe an ice lagoon that takes the name like the same Quebrada, we will be able to observe the snow-capped mountains of Aguja, Santa Cruz, Pumapampa, Santa Cruz, Pumapampa, Pumapampa and Taullipampa, Santa Cruz, Pumapampa, Curuicachajana, Quitaraju, ALPAMAYO, Pucahirca, Rinrinjirca, Taullipampa, Artesonraju, Paria, Millishraju, and we will be returning by the same route to reach Taullipampa Camp (4250) and we will observe a very nice view of the snowy Taulliraju, which we will observe from Taullipampa Camp.

(Elevation gain: + 840 m; duration: 6 - 7 hours).

Day 5: Taullipampa (4250m) - Punta Union (4750m) - Quebrada Paria (3870m).
This day we will overcome the pass of Punta Union (4750) where we have an impressive view of the Cordillera Blanca and the Quebrada Santa Cruz and we will observe the snowy Taulliraju, the Rinrijircas, the Pucahircas, Quitaraju, the Santa Cruz, Artesonraju, Pyramid of Garcilazo, Paria, Millishraju, continuing our trek we will be arriving at the Paria Camp (3870).

(Elevation gain: + 500 m; duration: 6 - 7 hours).

Day 6: Quebrada de Paria (3870m) - Vaqueria (3850m) - Portachuelo - Cebollapampa - (3850m).
Tour along the valley, we observe picturesque villages like Yurma, Huaripampa, Colcabamba spectacular view of the Chacraraju, the village of Vaqueria from this town we will not move by bus to reach the Laguna de Llanganuco passing first through the pass Portachuelo (4767 m. At this point we will observe the main snow-capped mountains of the Cordillera Blanca as Huascaran, Chopicalqui, Huandoy, Pisco, Chacraraju, Yanapaccha. Then we will descend until we reach Cebollapampa where we will camp.

(Elevation gain: + 897 m; duration: 5 - 6 hours).

Day 7: Cebollapampa (3850m) - Lagoon 69 (4400m) - Yungay - Huaraz - Lima Night Bus Hotel.
Camping in the Quebrada de Cebollapampa we will be heading to the Lagoon 69 after a walk of 3 hours we will be arriving to the lagoon 69, appreciating this beautiful lagoon that is located at the foot of the snowy Chacraraju, during the time of 1 hour, this beautiful green lagoon Turquoise, later we will be returned to the camp to take the bus of the company who will transfer us of return to Huaraz - Hotel. We will be back in Huaraz between 4 - 5 pm - Hotel. In the evening we start our trip to Lima.

(Elevation gain: + 550 m; duration: 5 - 6 hours).

Day 8: Flight from Lima to Arequipa
Today we will visit the park of love in Miraflores, the Park of the olive trees, Huaca Pucllana and the historical center of Lima, Plaza de Armas, with its church of San Francisco and its Cathedral.

Meals included: breakfast

Day 9: Arequipa
Breakfast at the hotel. Arequipa, located at an altitude of 2,325 meters above sea level, is Peru's second city after Lima. A volcano and two snow-capped mountains rise in front of the city: Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu. Today we will take a city tour and visit: The Cathedral, the labyrinth of the monastery of Santa Catalina, the archaeological museum of the U.N.S.A. church and cloisters of the Company of Jesus, Casona Tristan del Pozo, Plaza San Francisco and the main square.

Meals included: breakfast

Day 10: Arequipa - Colca Cruz del Condor
Early in the morning, you will embark on an incredible journey of approximately 4 hours, in our Tourist Bus, to the Colca Canyon, the deepest in the world (3,400 meters), passing through Pampa Cañahuas, in the Aguada Blanca National Reserve, habitat of vicuñas and alpacas (South American camelids). The highest point of the route is at 4,900 meters above sea level. On the route we will appreciate pre-Columbian terraces that are still cultivated by the native Collaguas. La Cruz del Condor, where usually the largest scavenger bird in the world can be seen in full flight. Descent from Pampa San Miguel at an altitude of 2350 masl. into the canyon to San Juan de Chucho at about 1950 masl.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

Day 11: Colca - Cruz del Condor Trekking
Today we will walk inside the Colca Canyon that opens like a book full of nature until we reach the Oasis.

We will have the opportunity to swim in the 19 degree pool.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner local hotel Oasis Paraiso Eco Lodge.

Day 12: From Colca Canyon to Arequipa Trekking
Today at dawn we will ascend to the village of Cabanaconde where a delicious buffet breakfast awaits us. Departure from Cabanaconde visiting the Colca Valley and its hot springs.

Half board.

Day 13: Flight Arequipa Cusco City Tour
In the morning we will take our flight to Cusco where we will make a city tour, visiting the Cathedral, the Main Square (Plaza de Armas), the Coricancha (where the colonial church was built), the main square (Plaza de Armas), and the main square (Plaza de Armas).

The Coricancha (where the colonial church was built over an Inca temple), the famous stone of the 12 angles and the nearby ruins, such as Sacsayhuaman.

Lodging: breakfast

Day 14: Sacred Valley Aguas Calientes
Morning we take the train to Machu Picchu village after lunch we have a short trek to a waterfall in the jungle near the village. Before sunset we return.

Overnight in hotel.

Lodging: Breakfast.

Day 15: Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu
Early in the morning we leave to take the bus to the archaeological complex of Machu Picchu. Here we will have a guided tour of the citadel for more than 2 hours. Then we leave for the restrooms to seal our last entrance to Machu Picchu. Then we head to the entrance to climb Machu Picchu Mountain and other activities such as the Inca bridge, the Sun Gate INTIPUNKO. Here we will have enough time to rest and bring some snacks so that hunger does not get us down to the town of Aguas Calientes. This citadel was built from the bottom up and is a work of engineering which was built to last for thousands of years. The sacred city of Machu Picchu (old mountain) is located in the jungle 130 kilometers northeast of Cuzco, at 2,230 meters above sea level. It has an area of 32,592 hectares that include not only the archaeological part but also the flora, fauna and landscapes, highlighting the abundant presence of orchids. It is the greatest inheritance left by their ancestors the Inca and that sustains thanks to tourism many of their children. Overnight in the village of Machu Picchu. Breakfast.

Day 16: Aguas Calientes Maras and Moray
Train from Aguas Calientes to Ollanataytambo. In this 6-hour program you will visit spectacular sites in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, built by the Incas centuries ago. We will see the salt mines of Maras, which have more than 3010 salt pools where the natives continue to extract salt daily. The views of this place are spectacular from a distance. You will also visit the Inca agricultural laboratories, which resemble the aqueducts of Roman times. The Incas used this place to conduct agricultural experiments, such as testing different types of potatoes or other plants. Your tour guide will tell you the myths and real history behind these two important sites.

Day 17: Cuzco - Tinqui - Arapa Pass (4730m) - Pucacocha Lagoon (4600m)
Early in the morning we leave Cuzco by local bus for a 3 hour drive to Tinqui (3900m) where our muleteer team is waiting for us. Then we start our trek to Upis Alto located at 4450m, from where we start climbing the Arapa pass at more than 4700m above sea level, before descending to our campsite at the edge of the Pucacocha lagoon.

Hiking time: 6-7 h Elevation difference: 600 D + and 200 D-

Day 18: Lagoon and Pucacocha pass (4900m) Warmisaya pass (4985m) - Rainbow Mountainia mountain
This morning we start from the beginning by climbing the Pucacocha pass at 4900m. The views will be incredible today: colorful mountains and lagoons overlooking huge glaciers. Then we will have a second pass to cross at 4985m altitude where we see the "Rainbow Mountain" for the first time, it is only 1 hour and a half walk away! Then we reach the mountain watchtower from where we can admire the magnificent Rainbow Mountain at 5030m above sea level, our first 5000m hike!

Hiking time: 7-8 h

Elevation gain: 850 D+ and 800D-

Day 19: Rainbow Mountain Basecamp - Soraypata (4630m)
Today we have two options available: either we pass through the village of Chillca and the trail is relatively flat and therefore easy to camp. There is still 6 hours of hiking. Or we go over the Palomani pass at an altitude of 5100m which offers a great panorama but assumes to be in very good physical shape (8-9h on foot and a lot of elevation).

Hiking time: 6h or 8-9h

Elevation gain: 250 D + and 250 D- (easy trail) or 900 D + and 850 D- (difficult trail)

Day 20: Soraypata (4630m) - Col Campa (5050m) - Pacchanta (4400m)
Upon awakening, we attack the Col de Campa which ascends gently to more than 5000m above sea level. Then we descend gradually to the village of Pacchanta where we will sleep this time in a real bed in the dormitory, with real bathrooms, and where we can enjoy beautiful natural hot springs. On the way, we will cross incredible lagoons and if you are in shape, you can climb to a viewpoint over 4900m, which will probably be engraved in your memory as the most beautiful viewpoint you have ever imagined! Hiking time: 6h

Elevation difference: 400D + and 650D

Day 21: Pacchanta - Tinqui - Puno
After breakfast, we return in silence to the village of Tinqui (3900m). Then Urcos and then Puno (arrival around 15h). Hiking time: 3 hours

Difference in altitude: -450m

Transport time: 3 hours18: Cuzco - Lima

Day 22: Lake Titicaca (Uros - Taquile)
Today we will take a typical boat to navigate in the cold waters of Titicaca (15 passengers boat) we will appreciate wonderful views of the lake known as "The highest navigable lake in the world". We will visit one of the floating islands (Uros) where its inhabitants still practice the traditional culture. Then we will go to Taquile Island, where we will have lunch and share with the people who inhabit the island. Lodging: breakfast

Day 23: Puno (Peru) - Tiahuanaco (Bolivia) - El Alto - La Paz
After breakfast we will drive to the city of La Paz in Bolivia. We will continue to the Bolivian border and say goodbye to our magical Peru. Once in Bolivia and before arriving to the town of La Paz, on the way we will visit the pre-Inca archaeological ruins of the Tiahuanaco culture.

Here you can see the famous Puerta del Sol and the authentic Benett monolith, the museum, the Akapana pyramid and the temple of Kalasasaya.

Back to La Paz we will continue to El Alto and descend in the highest urban cable car in the world. In El Alto you will witness the most impressive and majestic panoramic views that we assure you have ever seen. Located 4000 meters above sea level, the city of El Alto offers a new panoramic perspective, overlooking the city of La Paz and the Andes Mountains. Lodging.

Overnight at hotel.

Lodging: Breakfast.

Day 24: La Paz - Valley of the Moon - La Paz
In the morning City tour of the city. In this tour we will know this wonderful city, where we will appreciate the cultural, historical, architectural and natural richness. Visiting the Murillo Square, the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the San Francisco Church, etc. At noon we will visit the Valley of the Moon, an impressive place with eroded clay formations of many colors that make it a magical place. It is like a desert of stalagmites. Overnight in the city.

Overnight in hotel.

Lodging: Breakfast.

Day 25: La Paz - Uyuni Salt Flat - Tunupa Volcano - Jirira
Transfer to the airport to Uyuni. We will be picked up in 4×4 vehicles to one of the natural wonders of the world, the Salar de Uyuni. As if the delirium of a painter had drawn the place, shapes and colors are mixed creating a spectacular landscape. It is so magical that sometimes our own eyes perceive optical effects making us live between reality and fantasy. Such is the sensation that sometimes it seems that between heaven and earth there is a mirror. This salt flat is the largest in the world, 160 kilometers long and 135 kilometers wide, with a salt layer up to seven meters deep. In Colchani, on the north side of the lake, we will observe the extraction of salt and our day will culminate with a view of the incredible Tunupa Volcano 5,432 meters high from the village of Jirira (we will not access the summit).

Overnight in a very basic local hotel.

Lodging: Full board.

Day 26: Jirira San Juan
Transfer to the airport to get to Uyuni. Then we leave in 4 × 4 through unreal landscapes, through the Salar de Uyuni. We stop at the train cemetery and then in the village of Colchani to observe how salt is extracted. We then travel one hundred kilometers following the Dakar tracks to the island of Incahuasi, which offers a breathtaking view of the entire salt flat from its summit. Continuing to the town of San Juan where we will spend the night.

Local hotel. Full board.

Day 27: San Juan - Laguna Colorada
We continue our trip appreciating the amazing panoramas of the Altiplano, such as the twisted eroded forms of the Bosque de Piedra, the active Ollagüe volcano, and a variety of lagoons where we will observe flamingos and other wildlife. 

Overnight near Laguna Colorada, at 4,300 meters. Basic lodging.

Lodging: full board

Day 28: Laguna Colorada - San Pedro de Atacama in Chile
Today we head to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, visiting the "Sol de la Mañana" geysers at 5,000 meters, hot springs and more lagoons, before reaching the Chilean border. Approximately before lunch.

Day 29: San Pedro de Atacama in Chile
Overnight in a local hotel. Accommodation: breakfast.

Day 30: San Pedro de Atacama Calama Flight to Santiago de Chile
We will leave early to take an early flight from Calama (100 kilometers away) to Santiago de Chile. From there we will take the international flight to the city of origin.

Overnight in flight Lodging: breakfast


- All the fluvial terrestrial transportation during the whole trip.

- Entrance to all the archaeological sites mentioned in the itinerary.

- Entrance fees to all parks, sanctuaries and protected areas mentioned in the itinerary (such as Machupicchu, Colca Canyon, among others),

Colca Canyon, among others).

- Official tour guide services

- Transfers airport - hotel - airport

- Flight Lima Arequipa

- Flight Arequipa - Cusco

- Lodging in hotels (3*), in double room and as indicated in the trip's data sheet.

- During the trekking we sleep in tents and local hotels.

- In the communities of Llachon and Raqchi the lodging is in houses with distribution per room 2 persons and the

room 2 people and the bathroom is shared.

- 4 days full board 2 days half board.

-Transport 4x4 tour Salar de Uyuni (5 per 4x4).

What it does not include

-International flights

-Personal extras such as drinks, laundry, telephone...

-International flights

-Tips to drivers, guides, cooks or other members of the team, as well as porters, porters...

-Airport taxes

- Not included: flight from Calama to Santiago de Chile, international flights.

Conditions of the trip

* This program is feasible from 2 people.

* From 6 people and more, the transportation and the guide will accompany you all the way.

* The hotels of the program are *** 3 stars, they are clean, comfortable, safe and centrally located.

* The program is flexible. You can change without problems before the contract the hotels as well as vary the program.

as well as vary the program.

* In the program we have two days in the community of Raqchi LLachon sharing an experiential

an experiential tourism.

* Please take into account that the months of January and February are rainy seasons.

* In the Colca Canyon, LLachon there is the possibility of making the optional trekking without cost. (Inside the


* Important Note: It is recommended to buy the flight from Lima to South America and from South America to Calama.

Calama. Departures from 2 people.